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  Aresson Junior Rounders Set
The Junior set incorporates elements of a more adult rounders set as well as some training aids such as the Aresson Flatty bat, the Aresson Batting Tee, and 2 different types of balls for batting and fielding practise. Shorter, coloured posts to show 2nd and 4th posts are included. Contains: 3 x Image bats, 3 x Flatty bats, 2 x Softy balls, 2 x All Play Soft Balls, 4 x rubber bases, 4 x 0.9m plastic posts (2 x white, 1 x orange, 1 x pink), 1 x batting tee and base, 1 x Rounders England Smalls Games cards and 1 x Junior Rounders bag. Suitable for 7- 11 Year olds.
  Model: RD1044
Aresson Rounders Teambuilder Set
A good all round set for practise games for more proficient Key Stage 2 players and Secondary school players. Contains: 4 x 1.2m posts with bases and safety caps, 4 x Aresson Image bats, 1 x Aresson Autocrat ball, 1 x Aresson Bullet ball, 1 x Aresson rounders bag. Rounders England Official Rules Booklet.
   Model: RD1091 | 01753 64 72 00 |

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