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  Wilkinson Sport provide top quality sports equipment to our schools, leisure and league playing customers. Through Aresson, Eastside and Wilks, Wilkinson Sport have a wealth of experience in tailoring products to the needs of each customer. We provide carefully thought out products which provide excellent quality, great value for money and fantastic customer service.
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4-8 Aresson Rounders Bats
9-11 Aresson Rounders Balls
12-13 Aresson Rounders Bat & Ball Sets 14-15 Aresson Rounders Posts & Bases
16 Rounders Batting Tees
17 Rounders Storage
18-25 Aresson Equipment Sets 26-27 Aresson Badminton 28-31 Aresson Cricket
32-33 Aresson Stoolball 34-35 Aresson Tennis
37 Eastside Hook & Jab Pads
38-39 Eastside Gloves 40-42 Eastside Sets
43 Eastside Accessories
45 Wilks Softball Bats
46 Wilks Softball Balls
47 Wilks Softball Gloves
48-49 Wilks Softball Sets
50 Wilks Softball Accessories | 01753 64 72 00 |
Aresson is The brand for rounders. Our strong reputation for quality, innovation and excellent customer service has resulted in Aresson being the sole brand of rounders equipment to be approved by Rounders England.
From fun family garden games to serious league matches, Aresson can supply all your rounders equipment whether you are a school, business, club or individual. The same history and ethos has now been applied to offer Aresson products in badminton, cricket, stoolball and tennis.
     Eastside offers a tough, durable boxing and fitness range to cater for all ranges of ability from school pupils just starting to box to the professional
able to test equipment to extremes.
Wilks provides first rate, quality softball bats, balls and sets tailored for both school and leisure use. Our softball sets have been designed with
school's needs in mind and include teaching aids as well as the appropriate level of equipment.

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