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  Aresson Sponge Early Hitter
The foam bat is an extremely safe, light bat for use with 3-7 year olds. Ideal for use with the Aresson All Play soft ball and for practising hitting balls off the Aresson Batting Tee.
Model: RD1067
Aresson Mirage
This well-balanced bat has a spliced handle designed to reduce elbow shock. Ideal for use in primary and secondary schools. Blue non-slip herringbone rubber grip offering comfort and control.
Model: RD1025
Aresson Blaze
A sturdy, light, plastic bat ideal for use with younger primary school children. It is ideal for use as part of a multi skills set.
Model: RD1032
Aresson Image
A great all-round, durable rounders bat. Recommended as a training bat for use in schools and leagues. Green non-slip herringbone rubber grip for comfort and control.
Model: RD1024
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